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online-marketingTraditionally, brands would deliver a message to consumers in the hopes of influencing their buying decisions. But the internet has changed the playing field by putting control of what consumers see into their own hands. And what people don't want to see is advertising, spam and blatant marketing.

Advertising is designed to benefit the advertiser. Engagement is designed to benefit the consumer. We Deliver Engagement


important At The Moment The Future Holds:

1.      Content Marketing Will be Bigger Than Ever

2.      Social Media Marketing Will Require More Diversity

3.      Image-Centric Content Will Rule

4.      Mobile-Friendly Content Will Be Necessary

Due to the widespread (and quickly growing) use of smartphones and tablets, it’s necessary for companies to create content that’s accessible to mobile users. According to Forbes, “87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones.” Whether it’s creating an alternate mobile version of a website or utilizing responsive web design, it’s important to provide a positive experience to users that are browsing via a mobile device.

Otherwise, it’s easy to lose customers to competitors who have adapted to this trend. As the shift from traditional PCs and laptops to mobile devices continues, businesses that aren’t onboard are likely to suffer.

5.      Ad Retargeting Will Grow in Effectiveness

6.      SEO and Social Signals Will Become Even More Intertwined



Exponentially Grow Your Business Online.


SEO has the highest ROI of any form of marketing.


Online Marketing  is a way of attracting, converting, closing, and delighting you website visitors and turning them into customers, using marketing strategies that include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
        • Keyword Research
        • Ad Creation
        • Management
        • Budget Recommendations
        • Weekly Campaign Reports


At SK Design Agency Online Marketing we will recommend a targeted strategy for your online advertising campaign. Depending on the nature of your business your ads may work better on Facebook than on Google, or in a local media outlet. We build your campaigns, select keywords, work on the wording of your ads and will make a budget recommendation that you are comfortable with. All the while setting realistic expectations. PPC is a numbers game and an experienced PPC consultant will be able to tell you exactly what kind of traffic you can expect from an online advertising campaign. While your SEO campaign strives to the top for longevity.

At SK Design Agency we recommend working with landing pages for your ads – meapages developed specifically for the ad campaign we are running. Sending them to your homepage is a mistake that understandably most inexperienced PPC managers make. We will make sure that every dollar you spend on PPC is maximized in every way possible.

PPC campaigns require ongoing management so expect pricing to be based on the scope and duration of the campaign. Our services include:

      • Keyword Research
      • Ad Creation
      • Management
      • Budget Recommendations
      • Weekly Campaign Reports

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