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Social media is an increasingly important component of any Internet marketing campaign. 
Not only does a well-developed social media strategy help foster meaningful relationships
between businesses and customers, it also offers positive SEO benefits that can help with your web rankings
A lot of business leaders ask the same question over and over again: What is social media really doing for us? 
Is it bringing in new customers? Social media managers, especially those in large organizations, often have trouble answering these questions. Social media is paving the way for search. It’s where people turn to for their news, entertainment and even consumer reporting.
It’s also a great place to build your brand and publicize your content. With that said, we’ve shifted our attention away from solely focusing on keyword-rich content. We look at what makes people tweet, like, pin, and comment and use those indica
marketing-visibilitytors to craft your content and build its popularity organically. When you work with SKdesign, you’ll find that your content possesses characteristics linked to social sharing. You’ll see that the pieces social media content writers create for you are: Visually Attractive Relevant and Newsworthy Instructional Entertaining/Humorous Relatable Measuring Success Engaging Creating Connections – Social media isn’t just about increasing sales. It’s about something more personal – developing individual connections. That’s something brands have struggled mightily to understand. By engaging and tightening customer relationships through social media, you are adding value to your business. Increasing Exposure – All your social media efforts – from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Pinterest – are putting your company name out there more. They’re giving you another stage to exhibit your brand for customers and potential customers. Developing Partnerships – While leadership wants to focus on the increase in customers or sales triggered by social media, they usually forget about the increase in partnerships. Enhancing SEO – Social media has done a great service to businesses in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Whereas previously the top search results for your organization came from your website alone, with social media you have multiple sites with information about your business.

  • Increase brand reach by expanding fans, followers, and +1s
  • Assist with customer relations, feedback, and complaint resolution
  • Extend a social media marketing plan by developing & promoting contests, giveaways, coupons, special offers, quizzes, and more
  • Create and share content to attract likes, shares, new followers and links
  • Increase website traffic through social sharing
  • Promote a social media marketing campaign that fits your needs and budget

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