What does it mean to you when you hear the word “brand?” Is it a symbol, sentiment, guarantee, or a designation?

Narrow your brand down to one single component: A brand is whatever your customer thinks it is. Is your brand positive, memorable, or inspirational? Does your brand represent an idea or set of values that people want to know and discuss? Is your brand something that others want to share?

Below we outline the core components that will help you to increase brand visibility using digital marketing.

Building a Brand

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During the 21st century, under the auspices of undulated content proliferation, it seems there is no end to e-commerce owners bragging about their pearl of great price.

The internet contains billions and billions of pages of content screaming for attention. Other forms of media are also begging for consumer attention.

Traditional methods yield poor results at best. Exposure is the key that unlocks the door to your brand taking on the characteristics of a rocket ship bound for the moon.

Today, unlimited forms of media summon attention and acknowledgment from cyber-warriors. Content is intended to convince buyers that their undying trust and dedication to a brand is warranted and justified beyond measure.

Your brand should imply that you do what you say you’ll do and you are who you say you are. Any deviation can result in a rampage of negative comments (like it or not, this too is your brand!) irreversibly damaging your brand.

melbourne fl seo companyYour Brand Must Be Real

Think of a negative comment as an opportunity to fulfill someone’s peace of mind. Your brand is always easy to get to, visible and comprehensible. Customers trust you to not drag them through a labyrinth pathway when trying to find a customer service person.

  • Brands make promises and statements that can be proven today, tomorrow, and forever.
  • Your brand should focus on customers. Find out what your customer needs and wants and make those things available.
  • Brands are consistent. This cannot be overstated. Consistency is one of the keys to a successful brand. 24/7, 365 days a year, any place, any time.
  • Brands weaken when limited with short-term goals.
  • Brands build customers for life when the vision looks forward, transcending to more effective long-term goals.
  • Realize all brands possess fallible traits that will make you want to run and hide. Take your medicine in the form of feedback and improve the customer experience.
  • Brands focus on professional expertise.

Try and describe your brand in a headline of 140 characters or less. Your goal should be to write a headline describing your business in 18 words or less. In the case of a headline, less is best. The same is true for your customers.

In fact, your business name should be a direct reflection of what your brand is or does. (This too, is your brand) Think Google, Hotmail, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and Ikea.

Anyone could describe those businesses in 18 words or less because they provide a common function for society today. A proven way to write shorter descriptions is to write the extended version first. And then write it again, removing the excess baggage. Get rid of all the words that do not shed light on your brand.

Expand your brand through a variety of social media. You don’t need to try to reach everyone with the good news of your arrival, just those whom your brand targets. Those who you want to reach are going to come in many shapes and sizes.

Therefore, you will need to provide the message of your brand through multiple formats.

Most people digest new information in one or more of three different ways.
  1. Visual – Folks with a visual learning style love to watch do-it-yourself videos. They love to read content. Online content addicts are viewers who can’t read enough about what a great brand you carry.
  2. Auditory – These folks love to sit down with a hot cup of coffee and engage in good conversation. They believe in the axiom that we are born with two ears and one mouth. You will have their undivided attention if you can find content that engages the strength of their ability to focus way to get it. Such things as live video formats which are increasingly becoming popular. Spreading your brand to thousands of people right now. Strong listening skills often overlap with visual skills.
  3. Kinesthetic – Many people learn a new skill by repetitive action. Sitting still, listening or watching a lecture is a yawning dry experience. They require a short explanation and you better soon have them doing something or they will soon be losing interest. Think of interactive ways that involve cyber-viewers with content. Facebook Live and Facebook 360 are a couple of ways digital marketers use to activate, engage, and enhance viewer experience.

Remember it is easier to remember which companies provide horrible service over the ones who are doing it right. If you want your brand’s goodness to stand out from among the rest then you need to give prospects and customers a reason. First impressions are not all that they’re cracked up to be but in the world of digital marketing, good first impressions are vital to the lifeblood of your company. Be someone others want to meet and do business with.

Be consistent, proactive, and listen to your customers. Respond with a positive voice to negative comments. Reliability, transparency, and trustworthiness are qualities consumers are desperately seeking in a digital marketing company.

Establish authority in your brand and stand out from competitors. Employ podcasts and live video and share your expertise. If you’re dripping with sincerity, people want to know what you know.

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